Mindful Eating

Mindful eating protocols may help create a slightly better balance with food and a greater understanding of hunger levels and nutritional needs. It can be difficult to practice in this fast-paced world but it’s a valuable skill to have within your toolbox!

Establishing healthy habits early on will help you become more flexible in the long run, as your goals and lifestyle may change. 

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Alcohol - Getting The Balance Right

Can I drink and still lose weight? If I drink will that make me unhealthy?

Just some of the questions we got asked, so we thought we’d put together a handy little resource to help you navigate the world of drinking, whilst remaining healthy and working towards your goals.

As you well know, the FIT By Flo Collective is all about inclusion, rather than exclusion and that goes as far as even a cheeky bevvy or two.

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Understanding Fluctuations in Scale Weight

We’ve all done it. You get on the scales one morning, only to freak out and try to frantically figure out how we gained 1kg in 24hrs.

Self-weighing is not for everyone and the great thing is, you don’t have to do it in order to reach your goals. 

When it comes to weight, there are a number of reasons why it will fluctuate acutely ie. overnight.

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Supplementation for Health

A varied, balanced diet should be sufficient to ensure requisite vitamin and mineral intake but, when in certain instances, this can be slightly compromised by either a calorie deficit or a natural deficiency, it might be worth considering supplementation. 

Research into supplements can be overwhelming, exhausting, and if you read enough, you can end up believing you need a supplement for everything.

We've put together a list for you of the most commonly used and asked about supplements, with what they do, why you might need them, and how much you need. 

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