Mindfulness: It's Time For You

Are you getting enough Recess? Before you begin to answer that question, let’s get clear on what Recess even is.

Recess is the act of taking time out to look after you. It is personal development time, self-preservation or as it’s more commonly known self-care time.

Though it’s not all bubble baths and Himalayan salt soaks. I’m not knocking those moments, I too am partial to Earl of East’s Japanese inspired Onsen blend, which for the record smells divine. It's just there is a lot more to self-care than that and there are ways to weave acts of recess throughout your day so you are reaping the benefits from the moment you arise til your head hits the pillow.

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Here are some ways in which you can incorporate recess within your day to help improve your wellbeing.

  • Begin your day with a love note by writing or saying words of affirmations. Reframing the language you use to describe yourself and circumstances into a place of abundance and gratitude will establish a positive mindset to take you into the day.
  • Download a Pomordo app like Focus Keeper. It will seamlessly interweave moments of recess throughout your workday without you having to schedule it in. The Pomodoro technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals (25/ 30 minutes is the recommended length), separated by short breaks.
  • Keeping a daily journal is a great tool for stress management as it helps to tune into your thoughts and fears and gain clarity. But how do you make space to do it when you feel like your being pulled in a million directions and there is no time for you.
     - VOICE IT, don’t write it. Using voice memos to record my journal entries really helped get into the rhythm of doing it consistently.
  • Breathe! Spending just 5mins with ‘The Breath Guy’ - Richie Bostock will be an absolute game-changer for your body.
  • Practise mindful eating and have your meals away from distractions like your computer and phone. Eat more slowly and don’t rush your meals.
  • Introduce tech-free evenings and spend the night crafting or reading before bed.
  • When you’re feeling unbalanced, stuck or negative try the act of smudging.
    Smudging is an ancient ritual used to clear away negative energy by burning either Sage, Palo Santo Mugwort or Rosemary.
  • Keep moving. The fact you’re a member of the FBF Collective I know you are already down the benefits of using movent as medicine for mind as well as body. Just keep insight that your movement doesn't always have to be a HIIT routine or strength session slow things down go for a walk or stretch it out. In those desks, breaks try out these moves.

Enjoy your recess.

Credits: Nina Elegba
www.recessliving.com || IG: @recess.living

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