A 10-Step Guide To Staying Healthy, Happy & Sane During Lockdown - Part 2

Over the last few weeks, most people have been adjusting to a new normal and trying to establish new habits to keep them healthy, happy and sane during this period of lockdown and throughout the coming weeks and months.

We published the 1st 5 steps last week, which we hope are working well for you, now here's the next 5.

5. Curate Your Environment

Never have we had more control in this respect. When it comes to your environment, make sure to create one that encourages, rather than undermines, your health, happiness and sanity.

  • If you find the news is increasing your anxiety and stress, restrict your watching time to 5-10 minutes per day.
  • Buy the food you want to eat. One difficulty of working from home is the boredom snacking and this is something we’ve heard a lot about from our clients. Focusing on proper meals and mindful eating practices can help this but the reality is; if you don’t want to find yourself eating it, don’t buy it. If you know you’ll be reaching for a 3 pm snack, that’s fine! It’s easy enough to ensure that you have other options ready and available than a tin of biscuits. There’s nothing wrong with a cuppa and a biscuit but if you find it hard to moderate your intake, it may well just be better to go for some more nutritious alternatives for your afternoon pick-me-up.

That’s all you need to keep healthy, happy and sane.

Please let us know how you get on and share with anyone who wants to boss a healthy, happy lockdown.

Much love as always,
FBF Collective Team x

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