Freeing Yourself from 2023 New Year Crash Diets

Did you fall victim to the allure of a January crash diet this year, or a New Year’s resolution promising yourself that this year you WILL lose two stone? Yet, you found yourself with a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other one week later . . . 


Let’s be honest, we’re not all programmed to be gym-bunnies and crave vegetables, so come the first of February the gym regulars continue their normal routine, but perhaps you’re berating yourself for falling out of yours, feeling like a failure?

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The pressure associated with weight loss, especially this time of year is enormous. Sadly, somewhere along the line, the focus has moved from being healthy to being thin, a very damaging idea.

Recent research shows that the effects of continuous weight-cycling and crash dieting can be detrimental to health, leading to muscle loss, nutrient deficiencies, and potentially metabolic adaptation (which means more weight could be regained in the future), although concrete results remain unclear. 

Fad diets are unsustainable in the long-term, the meaning is in the name - short-lived. Be honest with yourself, how long is that celery juice detox diet achievable for? However, by being a little more realistic with yourself, by making small changes that are achievable in the long term, you will have a better chance of making positive changes that last!

For example, say you were to drink one less fizzy drink a day for 1 year, you would save yourself over 51,000 calories. Or if you were to drink one less day of the week for one year, you would save at least 36,500 calories (if not more if you normally have more than one drink on your drinking days!). Small changes like this can make a real difference – you will hardly notice the difference but cumulatively your body benefits hugely, it’s the additive effect which will have an overall bigger consequence. 

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It might come more naturally to eat more fruit and vegetables and get outside in the summer months when a wider variety are in season and the weather is warmer. But rather than hibernating on the sofa until spring comes around, think of ways that you can eat well and be active in the winter too.

Try lentil stews (Red Lentil Dahl), vegetable soups (Curried Parsnip Soup) and roasted root veg to make healthy eating more seasonal. Getting active around the house for example with cleaning with your favourite playlist on, or a home exercise DVD, are options to try when it’s dark and cold outside.

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Lastly, don’t forget to be critical of any diet advice that claims to be a quick-fix solution! Consistency is key.


Written by Abigail Attenborough (ANutr) 

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